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Thesis Mentor: Clara Fernandez-Vara
Media/Format: Interactive Game
Graphic Design Consultant: Emma Chin

Zoe Thicket is a spiritualist medium who communes with the dead. While searching for her missing twin sister Avery with the aid of a taciturn spirit guide, Zoe discovers the Ashen Tome. This collection of half-told tales reveals one story after another—stories which Zoe uses as a source of divination.

By completing each tale, Zoe discovers a new piece of the spirit world and inches closer to finding her sister. Meanwhile, Zoe’s relationship with her spirit guide becomes strained. Destruction and misfortune follow Zoe wherever she goes…and as Zoe’s world crumbles, the nature of her spirit guide is revealed.

Gemina Umbra is a point-and-click interactive haunting about internal conflict and becoming your own worst enemy. Through the eyes of Zoe’s spirit guide, you, the player, influence Zoe in her endeavors to contact beings from the afterlife and determine her fate through the choices you make.

Amanda M. Sartor grew up in the Pacific Northwest United States and never left. Although she grumbles about the gray weather, she finds that the gloom has become an integral part of her storytelling. Her favorite topics include the supernatural, myths and lore, the darker side of fairy tales, armchair neuroscience, and nature. She enjoys working on interactive media because it allows her to explore the hidden meaning of her own symbology and the relationship between the user and the narrative.

Amanda has worked in video game development, children's/YA books, and a myriad of other commercial illustration projects. Her work is a mix between traditional and digital media and has been featured at Light Grey Art Lab, Ghost Gallery, Gallery 1988, Gallery Nucleus, Every Day Original, Spectrum and SI-LA Illustration West.

Instagram: @amsartor
Website: amsartor.com

Do you wish to know the inner workings of your own mind? Do you wish insight into your spirit guide, the ghost that lives within you? The Divination Machine is a communication device that can provide such a connection.
The Divination Machine is an interactive experience that allows a free association between image and meaning, but also the disconnection between. It represents the human need to look for meaning in random elements. The Divination Machine is a participatory promotional which explores some of the themes of Gemina Umbra, but presents those themes outside of the narrative in a conceptual context. It also invites player interpretation and creativity, creating player investment in the ideas behind Gemina Umbra.

I first saw a calming tincture and then a mysterious figure and spider. I saw this as a reflection on my anxiety and how I need to let go of my need for control.
-Perri Greeley

First divination: a doll, and a masked crow. Dark reminiscences from childhood - learn from them, do not let them hoodwink you. They can be wisdom instead of fear.
-Camille Louise

I saw a violin, then a spectral girl fleeing from something toothy. I take this to mean that I shall always be haunted by my giving up on the cello.

-Micheal Shaver (Banjo Tango)

First divination a bell, and a girl fleeing a dangerous maw - pay attention, listen for the warning, and flee while you can, lest sharp teeth seal your fate.

-Natalie Eslick (ShadyBower)

You are officially invited to participate in this momentous invention!
Wonder at fortunes told and secrets revealed!
But beware, as with all wanderings beyond the veil, there is a price!