Chair’s Statement

Where Artist Meets Author

When words and images come together, they can create powerful visual narratives — stories that can touch hearts, change minds and even change the way we see our world - Story First.

The Visual Narrative MFA at SVA responds to the needs of today’s evolving creative markets by merging the artist and author. It’s an evolutionary process that puts story first and gives you the tools you need to craft your own stories and to help others craft theirs.

More than just a degree program, the MFA Visual Narrative program is a school of thought that immerses you in story. A select group of artist/authors, we are a diverse, tight-knit community where you learn in small classes and are mentored by top professionals who know how to navigate today’s competitive creative markets.

Part of the extraordinary appeal of the program is that it is low-residency. Three intensive eight-week summer semesters at SVA in New York City give you the chance to connect with your peers and professors, to create in-studio and to absorb the Visual Narrative process. Additionally, you are able to access the myriad of creative opportunities in the city and to build a community of colleagues and mentors that supports and inspires. Four semesters of on-line coursework, critiques, discussions and interactive projects give you the freedom to pursue your passion and live your life — without uprooting it.

In today’s workplace, storytelling is increasing demand. At MFA Visual Narrative, you’ll develop a fluency in what we call “Visual Writing.” We think of it as a whole new language that can take your creativity to the next level and give you the competitive edge in today’s creative economy. If you’re ready to dig deep, uncover universal truths and live and breathe story, come join us. The world needs compelling stories.

What’s yours?

Nathan Fox

Chair, MFAVN

Thank you 



Bee Grandinetti
Dilraj Mann
Dylan Meconis
Jeff Lemire
Kazu Kibuishi
Nina Bunjevac
Rebekka Dunlap
Rob Guillory
Simon Roy


Anna Eveslage, Photographer & Writer
Anelisa Garfunkel, Filmmaker, Writer & Educator
Ben Zackheim, Writer & Game Producer
Bill Kartalopoulos, Editor & Curator
Christina Roussos, Theatre Director
Diego Vainesman, Design Director
Jim Rugg, Comic Book Artist
Jenny Goldstick, Infographics and Narrative Designer
Jonathon Rosen, Artist & Animator
Lee Aaron Rosen, Actor & Film Expert
Leonard Marcus, Author, Historian & Critic
Mark Sable, Author
Matt Rota, Illustrator
Nathan Fox, Illustrator & Comic Book Artist
Robert Thill, Artist, Author & Independent Scholar
Stacy Renee Morrison, Photographer
Tak Cheung, Nerdy Derby Inc.
Tim Szetela, Designer & Animator


Anthony P. Rhodes, Executive Vice President, SVA
Carrie Atkins, Learning Technologist
David Rhodes, President
Emily Ross, Associate Provost
Christopher Cyphers, Provost
John Heida, Director, Visible Futures Lab
Damon Dixon, Manager, Academic IT
Pan Terzis, Artist, Illustrator, Printer

Marissa Jones, AND THEN 2021 Guest Graphic Designer
Joan McCabe, MFAVN, Director of Operations
Lucea Spinelli, MFAVN, Manager of Communications & Special Projects