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Thesis Mentor: Kyle Strahm
Medium: Comic Book

Spellslinger is a fantasy/western comic book about corruption and the normalization of violence, staying true to your ideals in the face of adversity, and challenging the status quo when heroes have fallen short of expectations. A Spellslinger is a frontier law bringer dedicated to policing new regulations on the free use of magic, and the most famous Spellslinger of all is known as Algus Colt. Algus is on the trail of his old nemesis, the most dangerous sorcerer in the west, and he isn’t hunting alone. Hidden in the barrel of Algus’s revolver is the soul of a forbidden Djinn, illegally boosting his magic power beyond what any mortal man should be able to achieve. When Algus meets up with a posse of Spellslingers, he must hide his hungry gun or risk capture at the hands of the very organization he helped build.

Andrew is an artist, writer, husband, and stay-at-home dad residing in Glenside, PA. While his eldest daughter is at school and his youngest daughter naps, he makes comics. To date, he has self-published a webcomic called Doctorcops M.D., two comic book series titled Potential and Galaxy Girl, and several short stories and mini comics for various projects and anthologies. His new comic, Spellslinger, is inspired by his lifelong love of Western movies and Dungeons & Dragons.

Instagram: @potentialcomic
Twitter: @potentialcomic
Website: potentialcomic.com

My community project is focused on expanding the world of my thesis comic and engaging with the Tabletop Role Playing Game community, specifically Dungeons and Dragons players. Spellslinger takes place in a fully realized world that I developed over several years for use in my homebrewed Dungeons and Dragons games. My mini-comic, “Ifrit”, invites players to dip their toes into that world. The Ifrit are a playable Ancestry with two distinct cultures that are heavily rooted in the lore of Spellslinger. By playing an Ifrit character in their games, it is my hope that players will become familiar with complex concepts in the comic book.

Dungeons and Dragons at its best is played around a table in person with friends. Since it is not always possible to connect with friends in person, especially during our current times of social distancing, there exist multiple online resources for playing D and D online. My resource of choice is Roll20 dot net. For this reason, I have also created assets for players to play as two Ifrit characters in their Roll20 games. Pictured here are icons for my two premade Ifrit characters, Kuzo Barga Exiled-Forever and Nemwe Xol Undertree-and-Root.

I’ve provided multiple ways for players to engage with the Ifrit Ancestry, but my method of choice is the mini-comic format. Merging the two worlds of comics and tabletop gaming is important to me and I hope to make some comic readers out of role players and role players out of comic readers.