AND THEN . . . 2021 ︎

We ventured into our unknown,
out there in the space beyond— 

—to reveal the world to us, and us to the world.

—to see what we could do, to see what stories we had to tell—

Featuring the
Class of 2021

G. Davis Cathcart
Tony Chao
Maura Condrick
Elizabeth Gu
Handowin He
Jacquelyn Kirby
Olivia Li
Susannah Lohr
Maria Schweitzer
Maggie G. Vicknair
Martin Xing

Curators’ Statement

To truly see the universe, you must stand where there is no earthly light to cloud your view, where there are no tall buildings or trees or mountains to get in the way of all the truth and possibility that it has to offer – just space, for our ideas, for our creations, for our stories. All of these exist together with the stars and the planets and the infinite unknowns. Moving freely, creating their own orbits and trajectories, but working together to move us toward a greater understanding of ourselves.

This year, the MFA Visual Narrative Thesis Exhibition explores the space beyond.

Eleven stories different in theme and genre but connected by the shared experiences of their authors. They are reaching into the unknown, leaving behind their well-worn paths and confidently exploring new frontiers. These incredible artists are telling their stories in a world that may never be the same, and through their vision and hard work are helping us imagine new worlds. The MFA Visual Narrative class of 2021 moved through this year like a cosmic snowball, undeterred, driven, and filled with stories that may just reveal the mysteries of the universe.

Anelisa Garfunkel & Christina Roussos

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