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Thesis Mentor: Bob Walles
Actor (Tony): Cody Hively
Actor (Jason Shatman / Shadow): Michael Sheinkopf
Camera Operator / Editing Assistance: Alex Dunn
Music: Pierce Edelstien

Jason Shatman is a post-graduate comic book artist struggling to achieve his independence and be a big boy (what others call an adult) and truly become “The Shatman." Jason has tried for years to move out of his parents’ basement and into Manhattan to get a big boy job. When the opportunity to move finally arises, Jason seizes it. To Jason’s disappointment, his Shadow personality (a specter born from Jason’s macabre comic book art) has also seized this opportunity and has come along for the ride. The Shadow taints Jason’s outlook and admonishes him for his failures, while subtly pushing him to greatness. Together this unlikely duo will take on New York City and all of its obstacles. In their first adventure, Shatman and Shadow will investigate an ambiguous and uncomfortable sublet mystery . . . 

Michael Sheinkopf is a visual storyteller and artist, having produced commercial storyboards, comic book covers, concept art for short films, and editorial illustrations. As a writer, he has crafted several short horror comics and has advanced for further development a multipart webisode series he stars in and directs. Michael works as an art department assistant on Saturday Night Live and other film and television projects. Michael’s adventures in screenwriting and visual storytelling have taken him back and forth between Los Angeles and New York City. He continues to work on his screenplays and storyboards, designing new narratives that explore the genres of horror and comedy while highlighting the challenging human desire to be our best selves. Instagram: @mikesheinkopf @jasonshatmanWebsite: www.mikesheinkopf.com


The Adventures of Shatman and Shadow


With a barely competent pilot and crushing creative disappointment, Jason Shatman and his loyal sidekick Shadow decide to throw caution to the wind and start a YouTube channel. What will they talk about? How do they reach their potential audience? Why, talking comic books of course! The answer was right there in the basement with them the whole time! Join Jason Shatman as he takes his brand to the internet and builds his social media presence on YouTube and Instagram!

The first “Shatman and Shadow Short Box Review”! Jason Shatman and Shadow sit down to talk about Venom #26… and the ProBreeze dehumidifier.

Stuck in his parents’ basement with no access to the outside world, Jason Shatman had to adapt to the familiar surroundings he found himself in.

Arguing with Shadow, while at times frustrating, eventually forced him to embrace a social media campaign to advertise his webisode pilot.
Welcome to Instagram Jason Shatman! Here Jason shares behind-the-scenes photos and videos as he works on his pilot and growing YouTube channel.
Once a prison, his parents' basement now proves to be a fertile ground for developing his projects and communicating with other comic book artists and fans. Shadow keeps a close eye on him down here though.
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