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Thesis Mentor: Liz Wong
Media/Format: Picture Book

Goliath doesn’t fit in with the other caterpillars at Butterfly Village. She doesn’t mind much because she has her other bug friends to play with, but she hopes that when she becomes a butterfly, she will finally fit in with her kind. However, when she emerges from her cocoon, she finds that she still doesn’t. She decides not to fly around others for fear of embarrassment, but she can’t resist flying at night. Then comes the annual butterfly party in a high-up hanging planter. Goliath really wants to go, so she tries to get there without flying, to no avail. Will she ever belong? Will she learn to love herself? Find out in Goliath!  

Perri Greeley is an artist, writer, and childcare worker based in Washington state. She dabbles in many mediums but always indulges in bright colors and patterns. Perri is passionate about stories focused on people who are often left out of traditional narratives and her work includes themes of mental health, feminism, and identity. She likes to create work for children and young adults to help them through the often confusing world of growing up.

Instagram: @perrigreeley
Website: perrigreeley.com

Welcome to Goliath’s World!


My intent was to create a time-based piece that told Goliath’s story and brought viewers into the colorful, joyful world of Butterfly Village. Now that I’m not displaying my whole book to be read, the video also serves as a way for an interested party to understand the main story points, characters, and themes of my book. I really enjoyed figuring out how to tell my story in a different format. It made me figure out what was essential to the story, what could be inferred, and what needed to be highlighted. I hope this video brings you some joy and helps you to remember to love yourself!