Shadows Become You

Susannah Lohr


Thesis Mentor: Nina Bunjevac
Media/Format: Website

Lily is a traumatized, alienated young woman who works the late shift at a bar in a rotting, post-industrial city. She and her two coworkers are strixes—creatures who transform into owls and feed on humans at night. In this crumbling urban hellscape, Lily and her two friends are the predators. When Lily begins to fall for a man she intends to consume as prey, she begins to feel the soul-crushing effects of the guilt about what she does at night with her friends. Lily must make a choice between her two lives. When Lily declines to choose, the divergent desires of her two personalities literally split her in half. Half of her continues to live as a strix, enjoying the power of being a predator, the other with the man she is beginning to fall for. Lily finds, to her horror, she cannot exist as two separate beings. She will have to find a way to collect, integrate, and absorb her other half if she ever wants to be whole again. Inspired by recovery from trauma, this story explores the complex issues involved in healing and the cycles of addiction and self-destruction one must escape in order to thrive.

Susannah Lohr

Susannah Lohr is an occult visual artist and writer who channels her subconscious and her intuitive aesthetic sensibility to work an alchemical fusion of graphite, charcoal, pastels, and paper into stories about dreams, myths, and psychology. She created the images in Shadows Become You through her personal process of internal divination. She aims to make sense of the chaos of the world and to inspire healing in herself and others through her work. Susannah is interested in pursuing print and web formats for her comics and drawings.



Community Project


The Fertile Void is an exploration into your unconscious mind. A set of oracle cards with a booklet of meditations and exercises to help you delve into your inner universe.

The purpose of this oracle deck is to release you from the boundaries put in place by your conscious mind.


This journey is entirely DIY. Everyone's cards will look completely different in the end. There's a good chance you'll learn something about yourself while you're making them. You can keep them to yourself, or exchange with others to explore even further. With the card templates, you can continually redo the prompts and add cards to your deck.




After you create your deck, truths will be revealed as you shuffle and arrange the cards to divine meaning.

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